Update to the IIASA Scenario Explorer passwords

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam community,

This is relevant if you are using pyam to query data directly from an IIASA Scenario Explorer database… (if you didn’t know you can do that, check out this tutorial).

We are constantly improving the database infrastructure and tools supporting the Scenario Explorer. To facilitate user/permission management and hosting several Scenario Explorer instances in parallel, we will migrate to a new "Scenario Services Manager“. The migration is planned for this week.

This will not require any changes to Scenario Explorer instances for users or for pyam-connection to the IIASA database API. However, for security reasons, every user will have to set a new password in the new system.

Also, because we will not be able to migrate all config settings and permissions at once, there could be a period of a few days when you have to use the old password in some database instances and the new password in already-migrated instances. The new service is already available at https://manager.ece.iiasa.ac.at - you can go there and click "Reset password" to set a new password (which you can then use for login to any Scenario Explorer instance after the migration).

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Best regards,

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Coordinator of the Research Theme „Scenario Services & Scientific Software"
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