#release pyam v0.8.0 - Boxplot visualization, World Bank data API, GAMS integration, ... #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community,

Happy to announce a new release v0.8.0 of the pyam package! Check out the detailed release notes on GitHub.

Highlights of the new release:

Add an out-of-the-box boxplot visualization feature to the plotting toolbox

Thanks to a push by Edward Byers, we now have a boxplot feature! Check out the brand-new example in our plotting gallery...

# Implement an API to read data from World Bank Open Data Catalogue

When analyzing your scenario results or processing model input data, you want to have easy access to external reference data. Based on work by Maarten Brinkerink during his YSSP research (remote) visit at IIASA, we can now easily pull in data from the World Bank Data Catalogue. Read the docs for more info!

# Write a tutorial illustrating how to read model results from a GAMS gdx file

Many models use GAMS as their engine for mathematical computation, so we want to make it easy for modelers to get the results into a pyam workflow. Have a look at the tutorial to get your started!

# Easier overview of the index dimensions and coordinates of your scenario data

The new version has an  info()  function (which is also used when calling  print(df) ), which now shows a summary of the model/scenario names, variables, units and regions in an IamDataFrame. These dimensions or coordinates are now also directly available via modelscenario and similar attributes, which brings the user experience closer to the behavior one would expect in pandas and xarray (though it’s still different)...

# Refactor the timeseries data backend for improved performance

Last, but not least, and thanks to the heroic efforts by Florian Maczek (who did an internship at IIASA this summer), we have refactored the pyam timeseries data backend to use pandas.Series (instead of a DataFrame). In reports from a few users who have tested the new implementation, this shows an increase in speed and performance by up to 20%!

Best regards,


Dr. Daniel Huppmann
Research Scholar, Energy Program (ENE)

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