#release pyam v0.6.0 - aggregating data at sub-annual resolution and easier unit conversion (again) #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community,

Happy to announce a new release v0.6.0 of the pyam package! Check out the detailed release notes on GitHub.


# Add feature to aggregate timeseries at sub-annual time resolution

We added an aggregate_time() feature: it applies a function like sum (default), average, max, min, ... to data given at a sub-annual time resolution to a yearly or more aggregated sub-annual time slices (e.g., from months to seasons).

# Easier unit conversion (again)

The iam-units utility was turned into an installable package available via both pip and conda making maintenance of both packages pyam and iam-units easier going forward - and allowing you to easily get the latest version of the unit-conversion utility without having to wait for a new pyam release.

If you run into any issues when upgrading pyam, try running the following in a command prompt:

> pip install iam-units

Thanks to Paul Kishimoto (@khaeru) for developing the iam-units package and pushing this really nice utility forward!

# Improved documentation pages (again)

We (again) made an effort to rewrite and extend the documentation pages. Read the new docs!

Best regards,


Dr. Daniel Huppmann
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