#release pyam v0.5.0 - easier unit conversion and new tutorials #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community,

Happy to announce a new release v0.5.0 of the pyam package! Check out the detailed release notes on GitHub.


# Easier unit conversion

Improved feature for unit conversion using the pint package and the IAMconsortium/units repository, providing out-of-the-box conversion of units commonly used in integrated assessment research, energy systems modelling and related fields!

You will now be able to simply do 
> df.convert_unit('EJ/yr', 'GWh/yr')
without needing to specify the conversion factor (for standard units). See this tutorial for more information!

Thanks to our colleague Paul Kishimoto (@khaeru) for initiating the shared units repository that supports this new feature!

# New tutorial for working with various input data formats

Switching between long and wide table formats and adding relevant columns (like model and scenario name) is a nuisance in the processing of results. Take a look at this new tutorial to see how pyam how streamline your workflow!

# Increased support for timeseries data with continue time formats

The pyam package started as analysis tool for yearly data, but most functions support data using continuous-time formats. Thanks to Robin Lamboll (@Rlamboll) for refactoring the interpolate() function to correctly support both time formats!

# Improved documentation pages

We made an effort to rewrite and extend the documentation pages, in particular for the API docs. Read the new docs!

Best regards,


Dr. Daniel Huppmann
Research Scholar, Energy Program (ENE)

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Schlossplatz 1, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria
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