Release pyam v0.3.0 #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community,

We’re happy to announce a new release of the pyam package! Get the latest version via pip or conda (note the subtle naming difference between the two package managers).

# Highlights

 • Streamlined generation of quantitative metadata indicators from timeseries data using set_meta_from_data()
 • Better support for accessing public and private IIASA scenario explorer databases via the REST API
 • More extensive documentation of the pyam data model and the IAMC format (read the docs)
 • Compatible with recent pandas v0.25

# Deprecated feature

Matt had developed a feature for plotting regional data with maps (see the gallery of v0.2.0). However, this feature had quite complicated requirements, causing some headache during installation for new users and creating hassle for maintenance. Therefore, we decided to remove it in this release and hopefully re-insert a more stable implementation soon. If you want to contribute to this particular use case - please get in touch!

# Easier communication channels 

By the way: Over the summer, we opened a Slack workspace for quick discussions and questions. If you want to join, send an email to

# Acknowledgements

Thanks to Matthew Gidden, Zeb Nicholls, Nikolay Kushin, Ed Byers and all others who contributed to the package!

Best regards,


Dr. Daniel Huppmann
Research Scholar, Energy Program (ENE)

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Schlossplatz 1, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria
+43(0) 2236 807-572