#release pyam v0.10.0 - An improved plotting library & out-of-the-box sankey diagrams #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community,

Happy to announce a new release v0.10.0 of the pyam package! Check out the detailed release notes on GitHub.

Highlights of the new release:

Add an out-of-the-box Sankey diagram feature

Thanks to a contribution by Maik Budzinski, we now have a Sankey feature from any IAMC-style variable hierarchy! Check out the brand-new example in our plotting gallery

# Refactor the plotting API

To improve the user experience and bring pyam behaviour as close as possible to the pandas/matplotlib behavior. There are now three ways to create a plot:
  • IamDataFrame.plot.<kind>(**kwargs)
  • IamDataFrame.plot(kind='<kind>', **kwargs)
  • pyam.plotting.<kind>(df, **kwargs)
The third approach can use an IamDataFrame or directly a suitable pandas.DataFrame - this may be helpful for related-but-separate projects like open-scm, silicone, OpenEnergyPlatform, Sentinel, etc (@Zeb Nicholls @Robin Lamboll @Ludwig Hülk @Suavyu Ali) because you could use the plotting library without requiring casting the data to an IamDataFrame first…

Current behavior will continue to work but raise a DeprecationWarning and will be removed for release 1.0 (hopefully in ~3 months).

# Improve the tutorial illustrating how to read model results from a GAMS gdx file

Many models use GAMS as their engine for mathematical computation, so we want to make it easy for modelers to get the results into a pyam workflow. Have a look at the tutorial to get your started! After a conference call with developers at GAMS, we refactored the GAMS-to-pyam-tutorial to use their new native gamstransfer module.

Best regards,


Dr. Daniel Huppmann
Research Scholar, Energy Program (ENE)

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
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