#release pyam v1.3.0 - a "compute" module for derived indicators #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community,

Happy to announce a new release v1.3 of the pyam package!

# Highlight

A compute module and new functions to easily derive advanced indicators from any timeseries data in the IAMC format.

# Usage of the new module

We added a growth_rate() method, which can be called as 
df.compute.growth_rate({"Primary Energy|Wind": "Growth rate of Wind"})
where df is an IamDataFrame, or
where x is a pd.Series indexed over an (integer) time domain.

Read the Docs for more info!


I noticed that the IIASA API does not work with the latest pandas release (v1.4) - I hope that this will be fixed by a pandas patch release, will investigate if the problem persists…

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Read the full release notes...

Best regards,

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