#release pyam v1.2.0 - faster package, published manuscript #release

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam user community, happy to announce a new release v1.2 of the pyam package!

The new release has some improvements „under the hood“, aiming to make the package faster when reading large data files. We also started a profiler-module, to make it easier to work on further performance increases.

Warning: Note that there is a change in the required version of the xlrd package - no worries if you install from pypi or conda, but make sure to install the latest version of xlrd if you are working with an editable installation in a GitHub-cloned folder.

Read the full release notes...

In other news, the manuscript in Open Research Europe was approved by the reviewers! The manuscript highlights how pyam relates to other tools used in the IAM, macro-energy and energy systems community, the design principles of the package, as well as several recent use cases… https://open-research-europe.ec.europa.eu/articles/1-74

See Figure 1 below of how we see pyam - a useful bridge between highly customized modelling frameworks and general-purpose data analysis and plotting packages.

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