Update to the Scenario Explorer passwords required

Daniel Huppmann

Dear pyam users,

This message is relevant if you are using pyam to query data directly from any IIASA Scenario Explorer database.
If you didn’t know that you could do that, check out this tutorial...

# Update to the Scenario Explorer passwords

We are constantly improving the database infrastructure and tools supporting the Scenario Explorer. To facilitate user/permission management and hosting many Scenario Explorer instances in parallel, we are in the process to migrate to a new "Scenario Services Manager".
This will not require any changes to Scenario Explorer instances for users or for pyam-connection to the IIASA database API. However, for security reasons, every user will have to set a new password in the new system.
The new service is available at https://manager.ece.iiasa.ac.at - you can go there and click "Reset password" to set a new password. Don’t forget to run the following line of Python code (only needed once) to update your local configuration.

pyam.iiasa.set_config("<login>", "<password>")
Feedback on the new service is welcome!

# The new nomenclature package

Over the past months, we streamlined our workflows for scenario validation and region-processing that happens when submitting scenario results to the IIASA Scenario Explorer infrastructure. For this effort, we have completely separated the workflow into an installable, open-source Python package „nomenclature-iamc“ and project-specific GitHub repositories that hold the definitions and mappings.

Maybe of interest for more advanced developers - it is now easily possible to run the validation and region-processing locally, before uploading the data file to the Scenario Explorer. This can increase efficiency and speed of debugging when you are implementing your workflows to export results to the common format and the variables and regions used in our project.

Read the docs at https://nomenclature-iamc.readthedocs.io!

# Access to the lists of variables regions used in the project

The lists of variables (including expected units and descriptions) and the lists of regions used in a project hosted by the IIASA ECE Scenario Services team are available on Github (private or public depending on the project). Please reach out to us (with your GitHub user name) if you would like to have access to the repository of a project where you are participating.

Best regards,

Research Scholar
Coordinator of the Research Theme „Scenario Services & Scientific Software"
Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) Program


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Schlossplatz 1, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria | www.iiasa.ac.at

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