Re: timeseries data: calculate differences between two scenarios #question

Daniel Huppmann

Hi Markus,

Apologies, I guess that the tutorial was a bit too demanding for new users. See a more extensive tutorial at

The short answer is that you only have to add `axis="scenario"` to the subtract-function and `a` and `b` are the names of the scenarios. Pyam will automatically calculate the difference for all variables that it finds.

It would be great if you could extend the tutorial notebook so that the next generation of users can find the answer more easily. Happy to assist if you want to take the lead?


Am 03.08.2021 um 14:33 schrieb m.haller <m.haller@...>:

Hi everybody,

how do I calculate differences between two scenarios , e.g.
``Difference = CO2 emissions of scenario A - CO2 emissions of scenario B``

I guess it should work with the ``subtract`` function, but the tutorials only show how to apply it to different variables of the same scenario, not vice versa.

Best regards,


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