Pyam tutorial file #tutorials

Julia K. Steinberger <j.k.steinberger@...>

Dear All,

Daniel asked me to send this to the group email so the answer could be public.


Dear Daniel & Pyam community,

can someone please send me the tutorial file


which is mentioned here:

or tell me where to find it?

Context and udate question:
0. I had tried to install the latest version of pyam by doing this:

conda install -c conda-forge pyam

which seemed to work, but the relevant tutorial etc files didn't appear.

1. can you update the web the tutorial be updated to contain this information?

2. where should this file be saved so that the following command in the tutorial actually works?

df = pyam.IamDataFrame(data='tutorial_AR5_data.csv', encoding='utf-8')

Thanks so much,

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